Koekjes zijn lekker en cookies zijn kleine bestandjes die een website op je computer, smartphone of tablet plaatst tijdens je bezoek aan de website. Dit zijn functionele cookies, analytische cookies en tracking cookies.
Sun ’n Moon maakt gebruik van cookies; uw data is privé en de cookies worden alleen gebruikt om uw gebruik en beleving te verbeteren.

Onderstaand in het Engels een uitgebreide uitleg en verwijzing naar het gebruik van de cookies.

Sun ‘n Moon uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the visitor’s device (eletronic device) on the first visit to a website. The purpose of cookies is to collect information about someone, about the website or statistics. Some cookies also have the purpose to improve the user experience with regard to the website.
Types of cookies
We distinguish between functional and non-functional ccokies. We always place functional cookies. These are necessary for the website to work properly. Non-functional cookies process personal data beyond the range of vision. First and foremost these cookies enable us to improve our services. This allows us, for example, to measure how often our website is used and what information visitors are looking for. We always ask your permission to request non-functional cookies. We use the following non-functional cookies:
a. Analytical cookies – with analytical cookies we collect statistics about the use of the website by users. By measuring website usage, the website can be improved for the benefit of the users. Among other things, the following data is stored:
– the IP address, which is masked in accordance with the guidelines of the privacy laws and regulations;

– technical characteristics, such as the browser you use;
– from which page you came to the web store;
– which internet pages you visit.

b. Advertising cookies – we use advertising cookies to display personalized advertisements and to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The advertising cookies are necessaryto actually display the advertisements.

c. Social – cookies with which the content of the Sun ‘n Moon websites can be shared on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + Linkedin and Youtube. We have no influence on the cookies that social media place nor on the data that they collect.
d. Marketing – cookies with which we can offer relevant customized content. This may include relevant deals and information about our services. We do this on the basis of anonymized data about surfing, searching and purchasing behavour, through our own chaneels and those of third parties. If you disable these cookies you will still see advertisements, but they will be less relevant. These cookies also provide insight into the effectiveness of advertisements

e. Other – cookies that do not apply to the above categories, such as cookies that help with the improvement of the website’s user-friendliness. These cookies remember preferences and interests, to name a few. These may include language and currency preference, favourite hotel and preferred payment method.

Block and delete cookies
If you do not want our website to store cookies on your computer, you can indicate this in the cookie message that will be shown when you visit our website the first time. Have you already accepted our cookies? In that case you will no longer see this messsage and you (if required) must delete the cookies yourself. You can disable the placement of cookies by changing your browser settings. Please, note that certain functionalities on the website may not or only partially work if you disable cookies.

Cookies used by third parties
Sun ‘n Moon uses the services of the third parties listed below. While using their services, these parties may also store cookies on your device. At the time of this version of the Privacy Statement, Sun ‘n Moon used:
– Cookiebar
– Facebook
– Google Analytics
– Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics
Sun ‘n Moon makes use of Google Analytics. The last part of the website visitor’s IP address is masked. We do not share any other details with Google through Google Analytics.